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No End to Love

Posté par Noelle Fraser le mercredi, février 14, 2018,

February 14th is fraught for many of us. What follows is intended to illustrate how it is possible to feel love, whenever, wherever and REGARDLESS of your relationship status.

Let’s begin by identifying some of the different kinds of love:


The kind of love about which I am writing today is ROMANTIC.

How is it possible to feel romantic love whenever or wherever and regardless of relationship status?

Because as described by Sally Kempton in her book ...

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Making Friends With Uncertainty

Posté par Noelle Fraser le jeudi, février 8, 2018,

I am sure that most of you will agree with me that in life there is much uncertainty.

For starters there is the uncertainty that exists between ourselves and the outside world. We are usually bursting with questions to which we don’t naturally possess the answers. For example, we wonder whether the bus we are waiting for will be on time or whether there will be a table at our favorite restaurant when we arrive without a reservation on Friday night.

Of course, there are bigger uncertainties th...

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