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Does Love Grow? (All You Need to Know)

Posté par Noelle Fraser le vendredi, novembre 9, 2018,

Does Love grow

Or does the buck stop here?

That is ACTUALLY the question

When you can’t think the answer
Into being

All you need to know is:

Are you pushing the limits of Love?

Is Love expanding?

Your heart as the instrument of measure

May yet need some calibrating

In order to fathom Love’s enormity 

Having been contracted for so long by fear and conformity.

By throwing caution to the wind

And making Love our one and only passion

We may yet know an end to yearning.

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So Curious About Love

Posté par Noelle Fraser le dimanche, octobre 28, 2018,

So Curious About Love you are my darling

Your sweet childish face searching mine

As if I have all the answers.

Having felt so deeply that it was absent

Even when it was not

You now proceed with extreme caution.

Though who can truly resist Love

Especially when it is who we are

And what we were born to do?

Once you fall in Love there can be no falling out

It being as much a part of you

As is the fragrance of a flower.

What you do with Love when it reveals itself is up to you

Just believe me when I say

That i...

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Putting Your Own Mask on First

Posté par Noelle Fraser le lundi, septembre 10, 2018,

With all the passengers finally seated with their seat belts securely fastened, the flight attendants secure the overhead bins. Having duly acknowledged the person seated next to you with an awkward smile resembling more a grimace, you then quickly transition to establishing the status quo for the remainder of the flight by pointedly ignoring them in favor of the inflight entertainment system. Delighted to discover that the movie you have been dying to watch is available for your viewing plea...

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Posté par Noelle Fraser le jeudi, août 30, 2018,

25 years and counting,
Of love.



Hard won.



Greater than expected.

Parents of the same children,
Never alone.


Enormous and varied.


Often exhausted.



Long-time and loyal.



Improves with age.


Forever adapting.

Ever elusive.

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Last Post

Posté par Noelle Fraser le lundi, août 20, 2018,

Every position full,
Every skill possessed.

Each room already occupied,
No vacancy at the inn.

Everything already thought,
Everything already said,
Everything already written,

A million different ways.

The last remaining occupation,
The next big thing,
The last post,

About which there is much excitement,
But in which is invested little or nothing,

Is Lover

Of each other.

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(Not so) Radical Love

Posté par Noelle Fraser le vendredi, août 3, 2018,

How many times have you prayed for love and then not been able to receive the answer to your prayers?

You might not even be aware of how many times because you probably didn’t even recognize it as an opportunity for love.

Because we have VERY limited notions of what love looks like.

And incredibly high expectations.

And just to clarify right away, I am talking about love the FEELING and NOT the act.

Love that makes your heart feel like it is going to burst out of your chest. Love that makes you ...

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Morning Vibes

Posté par Noelle Fraser le samedi, juillet 7, 2018,
This organism,
This creature,

Softly vibrates.

Before I open my eyes
I feel them


Effort and striving still asleep

These gentle emanations


My shape,
My future,
My destiny.

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Kids These Days

Posté par Noelle Fraser le dimanche, mai 27, 2018,

Not only heard but also seen,

Kids these days bloom,

Into accidental activists who,

Voice and vision intact:

Accept their right to be,

Allow their right to feel,

Shine their light.

Hearts and minds expansive,

Trusting and receptive,

Often anxious and sometimes sad,

Kids these days are at risk of:

Being their best,

Bearing witness to the best in others,

Living fulfilled.

The luckiest among them,

Rarely deprived of love or understanding,

With every need met,

Kids these days choose to:

Be thankful,

Be generous,


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Posté par Noelle Fraser le mercredi, mai 9, 2018,

As life would have it, shortly after deciding to explore this topic I found myself vacationing in a new city and anxious to pamper myself, booked a mani/pedi. Upon arriving and seating myself in one of the battalion of chairs I had the uneasy feeling that this was not the kind of place where the body is considered to be a hallowed vessel for spirit but more an object to be subjugated, or at the very least, commanded.

Survival instincts heightened, I quickly gleaned that when the pedicurist ...

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Posté par Noelle Fraser le mercredi, mai 2, 2018,

Head on or sideswipe,

Fatal or figurative,

Paths are irrevocably altered.

Waves crash,

Whips lash,

Stars (and hearts) gravitate.

Heads butt,

Bodies slam,

Balls (and hearts) rebound.

A child forms and fashions herself,

By colliding with her enduring mother.

People and ideas,

Confrontation and resistance can temper.

A crucible of transformation,

Hopefully for the better.

Unless it is an assassination,

Or a hit and run.

Disbelief and incredulity are the first on the scene, Followed by confusion and sadness,


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Sphere of Influence

Posté par Noelle Fraser le lundi, avril 23, 2018,

Power suits or designer boots,

Cap and gown or celebrity renown,

Guru or despot,

Gun touting zealot,

Perfect 10 or totally ken,

Status slave or sex knave,

Family name or hall of fame,

Elected office or company profits,

What is your sphere of Influence?

Thoughts and feelings,

Ways of seeing,

Hopes and dreams,

Worth achieving,

Voices found and voices heard,

Voices joined for the greater good,

What is your sphere of Influence?

And how to account for them all?

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Good Art

Posté par Noelle Fraser le vendredi, avril 13, 2018,

To connect

To inspire

To empower

To create

A moment of truth so fleeting yet so rich

In honesty

In experience

In presence

In Life.

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The Half of It

Posté par Noelle Fraser le vendredi, avril 13, 2018,

Another quarter, round metal disc

You Don’t Know

The Half of It

On the grey floor,

Next to my bed,

At Amphitrite’s feet,

Beacon of good fortune?

Proof of honesty?

Souvenir of love?

None of the above.

You Don’t Know

The Half of It

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Light and Love

Posté par Noelle Fraser le samedi, mars 24, 2018,

I recently went to see “Aura” at Notre-Dame Basilica in Old Montreal and it provided the last piece of the puzzle of some of life’s biggest mysteries. What follows is simply my way of explaining what many people (prophets, scientists, philosophers, poets…) have already discovered and also shared in their own ways.

For example, how is it possible for the same person to be in two places at one time? It is not possible you might reply and that is perfectly fine. But what if this phenome...

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Silent Success

Posté par Noelle Fraser le dimanche, mars 11, 2018,

So my very first 24 hour vow of silence (spoken AND electronic) was a very simple and satisfactory experience that I only broke twice:

  1. During Frances McDormand’s acceptance speech for best actress at the Oscars, I couldn’t help cheering when, at her request, all the female nominees in the theatre stood up.

  2. When my son invited me to go to see the movie Black Panther, my enthusiasm was such that I immediately accepted; aloud. We saw it the following day of course, as the whole point of the ex...

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Breaking Curfew

Posté par Noelle Fraser le samedi, mars 3, 2018,

This Sunday March 4th at midnight will mark the beginning of my first self-imposed “vow of silence”. My goal is to go without speaking for 24 consecutive hours - every week - for as long as possible.

In preparation, I advised my family who was not terribly disappointed to hear that I would be holding my tongue. They did seem to think that it will be difficult for me though.

I for one, CANNOT WAIT!

The idea came to me after two specific events. First, a friend asserted that I should be spend...

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No End to Love

Posté par Noelle Fraser le mercredi, février 14, 2018,

February 14th is fraught for many of us. What follows is intended to illustrate how it is possible to feel love, whenever, wherever and REGARDLESS of your relationship status.

Let’s begin by identifying some of the different kinds of love:


The kind of love about which I am writing today is ROMANTIC.

How is it possible to feel romantic love whenever or wherever and regardless of relationship status?

Because as described by Sally Kempton in her book ...

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Making Friends With Uncertainty

Posté par Noelle Fraser le jeudi, février 8, 2018,

I am sure that most of you will agree with me that in life there is much uncertainty.

For starters there is the uncertainty that exists between ourselves and the outside world. We are usually bursting with questions to which we don’t naturally possess the answers. For example, we wonder whether the bus we are waiting for will be on time or whether there will be a table at our favorite restaurant when we arrive without a reservation on Friday night.

Of course, there are bigger uncertainties th...

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Getting Traction

Posté par Noelle Fraser le lundi, janvier 29, 2018,

How have the past few days living in a world transformed by a coating of ice affected those of you living here in southern Quebec?

The most striking complication is how difficult it has become to physically move about. Walking is much slower and each step is more cautious, more tentative. Maybe you have even completely lost your footing and ended up on your ass. Walking is a great example of a simple task that becomes significantly more demanding - of both attention and energy - when you have...

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