I recently went to see “Aura” at Notre-Dame Basilica in Old Montreal and it provided the last piece of the puzzle of some of life’s biggest mysteries. What follows is simply my way of explaining what many people (prophets, scientists, philosophers, poets…) have already discovered and also shared in their own ways.

For example, how is it possible for the same person to be in two places at one time? It is not possible you might reply and that is perfectly fine. But what if this phenomenon, well documented in stories of spiritual gurus in different parts of the world, had a perfectly simple explanation?

Also, how is it possible for all of creation to be connected, with no separation between any of its different expressions, when it is clear that we are not all the same? It is not possible you might reply and that is still perfectly fine.

The fact of the matter is that these two seemingly impossible phenomenon are ENTIRELY possible when you perceive that people, and every other object in the universe - animate or inanimate - are composed of different expressions of the same medium.

What medium could possibly allow for so many different variations you may ask? The answer to this most excellent question is: LIGHT. We discovered long ago that when light passes through a crystal it becomes separated into distinct wavelengths and thus “changes” in appearance. What if light is infinitely transformable? What if each person, place and thing in the universe is simply a unique refraction of the same medium?

Nuthin’ to it! No pun intended ;-)

How does this explain the mystery of people being able to be in two places at one time?

Many of us have come to recognize how powerfully our thoughts can influence our reality. Nowadays it is very common to be encouraged to “think positively”. I don’t like this advice by the way. I find “think hopefully” infinitely more accessible but that is a topic for a future blog.

As light, we can also manipulate light and we do this with varying levels of awareness and skill. Most of us are still freakin’ amateurs in spite of the fact that we possess this capacity just as naturally as the capacity to form a snowball with our hands.

Meanwhile, elite athletes are very skilled at manipulating light (how many times does one ask oneself, “How did she/he do that?”) whether they are aware of it or not.

Add awareness to this skill and you get people who can manipulate light in two places at one time. Voilà!

And if you think this is CRAZY then please consider this:

What would people who had to write a physical letter on a physical piece of paper with a physical pen, then put it in a physical envelope with a physical stamp and then send it in the mail would have thought if you told them about e-mail or text? Then YOU would have been the crazy one my friend!

Finally, how to become more skilled at manipulating light? By becoming a BETTER LOVER. And by that I mean learning to love bigger and better. Michael Jordan’s love for the game of basketball is LEGENDARY. Albert Einstein and John Lennon both concluded that “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE”.

How to become a better lover? Recognize that the person, place or thing that is in front of you IS YOU, just “refracted” differently. Then treat them the way you would like to be treated. Voilà!

I treat you once again to the light and love-filled poetry of Hafiz:

And Then You Are

And then You are like this:

A small bird decorated,

With orange patches of light

Waving your wings near my window,

Encouraging me with all of existence’s love -

To dance.

And then You are like this:

A cruel word that stabs me

From the mouth of a strange costume You wear;

A guise You had tricked me into thinking

Could be other - than You.

And then You are, O then You are:

The Beloved of every creature

Revealed with such grandeur - bursting

From each cell in my body,

I kneel, I laugh,

I weep, I sing,

I sing. P.S. Go see "Aura". It is wonderful.